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"A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey is a riveting testimony of Carma Naylor’s search for the truth that would set her free. Carma’s transparency about her inner struggles, her rejection by family and friends, and her heartaches as a mother will captivate your heart and enable you to relate to the reality of life’s trials. A Mormon’s Unexpected Journey is a concise theological treatise that walks you, step-by-step, through Mormon doctrines and challenges each one with the truth of Scripture. It will equip the new believer as well as the seasoned theologian with insights into the Mormon’s head and heart in order to share the truth and love of God with them. These two books are written for the Mormon to read as well. If you have ever struggled with how to share your faith with a Mormon friend, Carma’s writings will show you the way in a simple and loving manner."


Dr. Bruce Edwards, Pastor

Hope Fellowship

Branson West, Missouri