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What the

Mormon Church

doesn't tell about their Christ

In public, Mormons speak of their faith in Jesus Christ. But, privately, they have “another Christ.” This brochure compares the attributes of the Mormon Jesus, to the Biblical Jesus. It documents a quote from the President and Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon or LDS), Gordon B. Hinckley, stating that he believes in a different Christ than the traditional Christ of those outside the LDS Church.

What the

Mormon Church

doesn't tell about their

God the Father

A comparison of Mormon definitions of God the Father, from Mormon publications, to the Biblical God the Father. These are things the LDS missionary handbook, Preach My Gospel, instructs their missionaries not to teach until well after a prospect joins the church.


Which scripture has been tampered with?

Why do non-LDS christians trust the Bible and not Latter-day scriptures? This brochure documents an example of the faithful transmission of the Bible which stands squarely in opposition to today’s LDS theology. It also demonstrates some important changes in LDS scriptures — in spite of the promises in those same scriptures that “the decrees of God are unalterable”— which add to the skepticism.

Are Elohim & Jehovah              really two Gods?

Take a look at what the Bible says

A comparison of early Mormon teaching—when Jehovah was clearly God the Father—to modern Mormon teaching which proclaims Jehovah to be Jesus (another God). Also, there’s a demonstration and definition of “Jehovah” and “Elohim” as used in the Bible according to the Hebrew dictionary in Strong’s Concordance.


Mormon racism...                      then and now

This brochure takes a very brief look at Mormonism’s racist teachings (i.e., black or dark skin being a sign of unrighteousness and a curse from God).  Despite the 1978 lifting of the ban on blacks holding the Mormon priesthood and the ongoing evolution of the text of Mormon “scriptures,” most of the original racist passages are still found in the Book of Mormon and racist statements abound from past Mormon “prophets,” which have never been recanted.

Which first vision                   should we believe?

From LDS historical records, this brochure is an expose of why non-LDS Christians have such great difficulty accepting today’s version of Joseph Smith’s first vision. Apparently, no one, not even the Prophet’s family, had heard of the First Vision of the Father and the Son until 22 years after it allegedly happened. Even then, it was the original version of a vision of angels that persisted in the Church for the next 50 years or so — not a vision of God the Father and his Son.

Understanding your                 non-LDS Christian friends

Latter-day Saints and non-LDS Christians use a lot of the same words to describe their respective faiths. But they often misunderstand each other because their definitions are very different. This brochure contains a chart of Christian terminology, comparing Evangelical definitions from the Bible, to Mormon definitions from LDS scripture, teaching manuals, and the writings of LDS leaders.

We used to agree...                   what happened?

This brochure will help Latter-day Saints understand why their non-LDS Christian friends seem overly concerned about LDS theology. It documents three biblical attributes of God, which were taught in early LDS scripture. Later, in spite of Joseph Smith’s clear teaching that the attributes of God are unchangeable, the very attributes of God which he taught were changed to make way for today’s very different Mormon theology.


Is the gospel

good news to you?

A brief examination of the fullness of the LDS gospel and the possibility of actually living the celestial law set forth by Latter-day prophets. Have you counted the cost? Is it really possible?


You can understand

the Trinity

This brochure is a good first step toward understanding how it’s possible for the only true God to exist, simultaneously, as three persons. It explains the nature of God from the Bible in layman terms that anyone can understand without a degree in systematic theology.

Heavenly Father’s

plan for you...

According to the Bible

A thorough presentation of the plan of salvation from the Bible. Explains God’s purpose for us, man’s sin problem, God’s remedy for our salvation, our proper response, and what God promises to those who come to Christ empty-handed, trusting only Him. It demonstrates how we can become perfect and where good works fits into Heavenly Father’s Plan (these two biblical teachings will be a pleasant surprise to many LDS). It also has a brief word study showing that, according to Jesus, most people are going to spend all of eternity in outer darkness (don’t skip over this!).

Is your church equipped to defend their faith?

Pass this brochure along to your pastor. It will help him to see the need to educate your congregation to prevent some of the vulnerable members of your church family from being lead astray by the deceptive false teachers at their door.