Dear Friend of CRC:

It is with excitement and apprehension that we approach this year’s Hill Cumorah Pageant Outreach.


New Outreach!

Excitement because 8 local churches and 6 local pastors/evangelists are joining us in our outreach entitled, "Plain and Precious things* About Christ and the Bible." This will be held outside in Palmyra's "Main Street Park,” right in the heart of the village. The outreach includes a daily Presentation about what Christians believe and why we believe it. Our intent is to share with Latter-day Saints, unbelievers, and skeptics clear Biblical teaching, based on evidence and reason, that will build their trust in the Bible. Our missionaries will be on hand to provide an opportunity for open dialog. On weekends, local praise bands will be lifting up the Lord through music before and after the presentation. In addition to the evangelical aspect of this exercise, we are hoping and praying that it will lead to more local understanding, support and involvement in our pageant outreach.

* The phrase, “Plain and precious things” is a familiar one to the LDS. It relates to a criticism, in the Book of Mormon, about “plain and precious things” being taken out of the Bible during the time of the early Christian church.

We are advertising the Bible studies through a central Palmyra mailing and the insertion of a flyer (3000 of them!) with local pizza deliveries. Here’s what that looks like:

Needed Funds

Our apprehension is due to the fact that we are going into this year's outreach with less than our usual limited funds. We are very fortunate in that the most expensive part, the advertising design and art work, are donated. But we still have the cost of the flyers, banners, and associated mailing and distribution and need to reprint several of our handout tracts.

We also have the expense of getting our "WhatMormonsDontTell" sign truck back to New York. The sign truck has had an active and successful winter in the Salt Lake City, Utah area under the direction of our past president, ex-Mormon, Randy Gavin (For those of you who don't know about Randy's past, we'd encourage you to read his testimony on our website).


Answered Prayer

We’re praising God for Randy’s recovery from recent knee surgury. We had been unsure of how we were going to get the sign truck back to New York without flying two of our board members out to Utah to drive the truck back to New York. But, Randy and Mary are determined to make the trip themselves. So, thanks to the Lord, we’ll have them in New York for the pageant. Their vast experience in, and extensive knowledge of, Mormonism, as well as their great burden for those under bondage in that church and the ease with which they can reach out to them are sorely needed.  We simply must raise the funds to support their trip.

Reminder: all CRC board members and missionaries are volunteers. No one is supported financially from the precious donated funds from CRC supporters. 100% of your donations go to directly to our outreach material and logistic expenses.

So - - - we would ask that you take our situation before the Lord and ask if He wants you to help us in this matter and thus provide you with the ability to do so.


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