Lisa Rae - Kentucky

"...In the beginning everything was centered around Jesus Christ - I couldn't figure out what everyone else was talking about - the church being a cult - it didn’t make sense.......till now..." (Read more...)


John Farkas - New York

"It is an early morning late in February 1984. As usual I am reading the scriptures while eating breakfast. I am in the Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 18:25. This verse mentions the cow, ox, ass, horse, goat, and wild goat. This morning is a little unusual, though, in that I find myself questioning how some of these animals could have been in the New World. Didn't the experts (historians, paleozoologists) say that full-size horses were not in the New World until the European explorers and settlers arrived?..."  (Read more...)


Randy Gavin - Utah

"I was born and raised a Latter-day Saint. My folks were good people. I had good people for siblings. I had good people for friends. I was active in the LDS Church in every way possible, which culminated in serving as the Stake Mission President in Salt Lake Stake, the oldest stake in the church." (Read more...)


David Lovse - Florida

II spent many years living with an emptiness.  I tried to fill that void with almost anything I could find, but nothing ever seemed to work.  The harder I tried, the more unhappier I was. This lead to hurt feelings, wrong choices and bad decisions.  Through it all, I remained faithful to the Mormon (or LDS) Church.

The most difficult aspect of being converted to the Mormon faith is seeing through the blinders that Mormonism has built into it's doctrine.  Most members are taught that they should not pollute their mind with anything that may cause them to lose their faith and become an "apostate."  (An apostate is the equivalent to losing your salvation forever, and is worse than being a non Mormon.)

The first seed of doubt planted in my life was the story of Mark Hofmann (as presented in a 20/20 episode). He was an antiquities dealer who was "unearthing" old LDS church documents.  He had LDS leadership paying him extravagant amounts of money to acquire these documents for the purpose of hiding  them from the public.  There were murders involved, and it was a story that left me feeling uneasy about the Mormon Church.  I felt especially confused when I learned that the documents were forgeries! (Read more...)